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A Dangerous Mission! Journey to the Land of Waves! is the sixth chapter/episode of The Life of a Kunoichi Shinobi.


After successfully completing another D-ranked mission, Naruto relentlessly asks the Third Hokage for a higher level mission. Team7 assigned to a mission escorting master bridge-builder Tazuna to the Land of Waves and protecting him while he finishes building his bridge, this task being a more difficult C-rank mission.

While walking to the village gate, Kristin came by Shikamaru and Choji. She informed them of her team's next mission and the two boys wished her luck and to be safe.

On their way to the Land of Waves, two chunin from Kirugakure emerge from a puddle and ambush them. The Demon Brothers apparently defeat Kakashi and then turn to the genin and Tazuna. Before the two have a chance to attack Tazuna, Kakashi reappears and effortlessly defeats them. Kakashi is disappointed with the way Naruto poorly handled the situation, then proceeds to compliment Sakura and Sasuke for their courage. Sakura then suggests to quit the mission since Kakashi pointed out that Naruto's wound is posioned. Naruto, unwilling to jeopardise the mission, takes out a kunai and stabs his hand with it in order to remove the poison. He then makes an oath that he will never run away or back down from any mission, threat, or enemy and that he will not lose to Sasuke. Kakashi observes that Naruto's wound had already begun to heal and assumes that it was due to the healing power of the Nine-Tailed Demon Fox.

The team continues forward with the journey.


  • This chapter begins the 'Land of Waves' arc of the Naruto anime.
  • This chapter also gives various important information regarding 'Ninja Missions and how they are determented in ranks'
  • On thier way out of the village, Kristin noticed a deer watching her as she walked. As she passed it seemed to have bowed to her. This marks the first appearence of the Nara clan deer; who weren't orginally set to appear until Shippuden.