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Pass or Fail? Survival Test is the fourth chapter/episode of The Life of a Kunoichi Shinobi.


As new genin teams are meant to be well balanced,Kristin is paired up with Naruto Uzumaki, the village idot and class clown, Sakura Haruno, and Sasuke Uchiha, who are some of the brightest in the class. A jōnin is also assigned to a team, and that jōnin is allowed to make the decision if the three team members will become genin. The jōnin assigned to that team is Kakashi Hatake. 

Kakashi takes the day to let the team bond by having them each introduce themselves to each other. Naruto says that he wants to be Hokage one day, Sakura merely blushes and glances at Sasuke. Kristin answers every question honestly, and it makes her sound like a kiss-up, when really it was the honest truth. Sasuke declares that his goal is to kill a certain 'someone'.

Kakashi then instructs them they will undergo a survival test. He explains the test will be a survival battle in which the students attempt to take one of three bells (seeing as their are four to the squad) from Kakashi. He then says only three will pass the test, and one will be sent back to the academy. As the test is beginning, Kristin, Sakura and Sasuke start by hiding, but Naruto however, attacks Kakashi with shadow clones. A clone then grabs Kakashi's back and all the other clones grab Kakashi's legs to hold him still while the real Naruto can attack Kakashi. Kakashi evades Naruto's attack with a replacement technique leaving Naruto to fight his own clones.

As Naruto then notices a bell lying under a nearby tree, he falls for a snare set by Kakashi, leaving him hanging upside down. Kakashi recovers the bell and lectures Naruto about falling for obvious traps. At that time, Sasuke attacks his sensei with shuriken and kunai knives, seemingly killing Kakashi.


  • During their introductions, both Kakashi and Kristin said their last names, revealing that they are the same and are related. Yet Naruto seemed to remain oblivious to that fact.
  • The fact that Kristin said she liked training by the water hints at the fact that she can use Water-style techniques, which is revealed to be true in the next episode.