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Tsunade and her daughter, Diana

The Search for Tsunade Arc spans from episodes 81-100 of the Naruto anime, which is parallel to chapters 58-62 of The Life of a Kunoichi Shinobi. The beginning of the arc is sometimes referred to as the "Return of Itachi Arc". The arc entails Naruto meeting the Akatsuki members Itatchi Uchiha and Kisame Hoshigaki, his training to learn Rasengan, and meeting up with Tsunade. It also covers the battle between Orochimaru, Jiriya, and Tsunade.

On Kristin's part, she also meets the two Akatsuki members, and then returns to the village while Naruto hunts for Tsunade. Tsunade's daughter, Diana, also debuts in this arc. Discussion of Rock Lee's surgery takes place This arc is preceded by the Invasion of Konoha Arc and is followed by the filler arc, the Land of Tea Arc.


Return of Itatchi[]

Brothers Reunion[]

Search for Tsunade[]

Battle of the Sannin[]

The New Hokage[]


# Episode/Chapter Title Airdate on
58 Reconstruction of the Hidden Leaf April 12, 2014
59 A Shocking Reveal April 12, 2014
60 Roar, Chidori! Brother vs Brother! April 15, 2014
61 Hate Among Clansman April 18, 2014
62 The Will of Fire Still Burns. April 18, 2014